The Arsenal new ticket exchange policy, only good for touts and
Tuesday 07 May 2013 18:28:00
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 The club today announced a new way of lending friends and family your season ticket (see for details)…there is a few problems with this new system…


1) The new system works off printable coupons, not all match going fans have a printer, some don’t even have internet access (odd but true)

2) There is a charge for using this service..Kerrrchinngggg

3)  Touts no longer have to deal with cards they have to get back from people after they have entered the ground

4) Its safer for people to now buy off touts as they don’t need to worry about meeting on the day

5)  Will the club now demand photo ID from people with these coupons? I don’t fancy a day out on the juice risking losing my passport (bad enough praying I get home with my wallet/keys/phone)

6)  I have never had any major problem passing my card to my brother/mates, why do I need to now pay a fee for it?

7) One of the reasons given for this system is to improve the atmosphere inside the ground, why not reduce prices or try pushing for safe standing ?

8)  Can this system only be used once the game is sold out ? like the under-used Ticket exchange system ?

9)  What about selling your ticket on the day ?

10) What about people who currently share Season tickets, will they have to pay a fee for this every game ?


Like I have hinted at above, this system is all spin and no real benefit for any match going fan, the winners yet again are the clubs pocket and touts….

The BSM have said  “while we applaud the fact that the club have made it 'formal' with the introduction of Ticket Exchange, the only real benefit we see is that you have the convenience of not handing your ticket to someone else. We'd envisage that many will just carry on as usual, simply giving their ticket to friends or family to use when they can't attend... and save the "small administration charge" in the process.”

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08 May 2013 0:31
I feel this is bad news if it weakens the Ticket Exchange further because quite frankly being a Red member is TOTAL CRAP in terms of ticket choice!

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